Future Predictions

Our future predictions are inspired by the fantastical artist, Jean-Marc Cote, who created a series of images, during the 1900 World's Fair, predicting how life would be lived in the future.


They were imaginative notions of who we would be and how we would work, travel, and enjoy our leisure time on land, in the sea, and in the skies.


Underwater Life

It was predicted that by the year 2000, humans would be living a more active life underwater.


Futuristic Transportation

Our underwater mass-transportation was to be powered by large marine life.


Ultimate (Sea)horsepower

It was thought that we would be able to move through the water fluidly and regularly on the backs of seahorses.


Mermen and Mermaids, oh my!

Our interaction with aquatic life and other mystical creatures was predicted to be more prevalent.


Time to Play

It was also imagined that we would enjoy our leisure time playing games underwater, with the proper breathing devices, of course.