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Our Process

We honor the traditional boot making process and handcraft each shoe and boot to deliver the most authentic, high quality leather styles that will only get better with age.

We design sustainable leather boots and shoes that are made to last.

The human ingredient makes each of our products distinct and individual. We are constantly striving to become 100% organic in our processes and products.

Hand Crafted

Cobbler pieces are made using traditional techniques including: Goodyear welt, hand weaving, hand stitching, washing and tumbling.

Hand Detailed

Some of our leather details are skillfully hand punched into each piece by our talented artisans.

Hand Finished

Each one of our leather shoes and boots is hand-dyed and hand-finished to guarantee a unique and one-of-a-kind look, just like you.

Goodyear Welt

Our Goodyear welted collection is handcrafted exactly as it was in 1869, when the technique was invented by Charles Goodyear. After 150 years, shoemakers still consider the Goodyear welt to be the finest method of shoe construction known to man.

Sustainable Sourcing

We are constantly striving to become 100% organic in our products and processes. Our sustainable sourcing goes beyond economic priorities and considers the environmental, social and ethical factors.