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Our Materials

As in ancient tanneries, each leather boot and shoe is made by hand with vegetable tanned leathers, water-based glues, and plant-based dyes.

Sustainable sourcing is one of our top priorities

Since our products are handcrafted, dyed and finished, it is important that we use the safest ingredients possible.

Water-based Glues

Our glues are water-based, solvent free, and used sparingly, only when necessary.

Natural Cork Midsole

We use natural bark from the cork tree mixed with recycled leather shavings to fill the midsole, creating your own custom footbed with wear.

Human Ingredient

The human ingredient is tightly woven within the depths of each and every handmade leather boot and shoe we produce.

Vegetable tanned leather

Our vegetable tanned leathers are prepared using pigment-free, plant-based tannins and dyes from tree bark, leaves and plants. This results in chemical free, formaldehyde free and chrome free shoes.

Plant-based dyes

Our dyes are pigment free and plant-based. This creates a safer environment for our workers and lends itself to a more authentic process.